Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel Repair

For almost 14 years we have had complete capability to repair the Ethicon Harmonic Scalpel and during that period have successfully repaired well over 20, 000 Scalpels.

For almost 14 years, Benjamin Biomedical has had complete capacity to repair the Ethicon Harmonic scalpel. Within this period, we have successfully repaired over 20,000 scalpels. We have amassed this record without a single incidence of injury or damage to any patients, practitioners or equipment.

You value your electronic scalpels as they offer a level of precision that’s difficult to match with manual tools. Our certified medical instrument repair facility provides extensive rebuild and testing processes to meet OEM standards for your harmonic scalpel repairs. However, your scalpel will be returned to you with the same capabilities at only a fraction of the OEM cost.

We provide our customers with an alternate, cost-effective option over purchasing a new instrument – one that is both safe and convenient. To arrange for a free consultation from one of our surgical handpiece repair technicians, call (727) 343-5503. Click here to submit a repair work order.