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Phaco Handpiece Repair

With over 25 years of experience repairing Phaco handpieces, Benjamin Biomedical is unmatched in technical knowledge, component and repair quality, and process management.

Benjamin’s expertise comes from a former OEM engineer who designed our repair processes and testing. This makes us the best Phaco repair company in the world, as you won’t find expertise of our caliber anywhere else. We repair all the major brands and models of Phaco handpieces on the market, including: Alcon Centurion Ozil, Alcon Ozil, AMO Ellipse and Ellipse FX, Bausch & Lomb Stellaris, and other older models.

When done right, Phaco handpiece repair is far less costly than replacing the handpiece entirely; and as the leading provider of Phaco handpiece repairs, we won’t rest until your instrument is in like-new and working condition. To arrange for a free consultation from one of our surgical handpiece repair technicians, call (727) 343-5503. Click here to submit a repair work order.